the sexuality of smoking

While I don't in any way endorse smoking cigarettes, I have to admit that there's just something undeniably sexy about a lit cigarette in the hand of a hot boy or girl. I mean, Bob Dylan was absolutely fabulous looking anyways; but as he lights up a smoke, he totally exemplifies his untouchable, bad-boy, rock star persona. Would he really look like such a mystery man in the above photo if it wasn't for the cigarette?

What is it about lighting up  that makes a person look  so  ~cool, mature, sophisticated, sexy?

Throughout most of high school, I totally looked down my nose at my friends who smoked (sorry guys!). I guess I just didn't understand how anyone could even consider picking up a cigarette knowing all of the risks. I mean, why would anyone want yellow teeth and black lungs? Or cancer?!

Trashy, trashy, trashy, trashy: I'd never seen smoking in any other way; well, until I saw her that is.

To be continued...

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  1. it makes beautiful people look even more beautiful, but really doing the exact opposite.
    lust is strange.