there's a party in my pants and you're all invited

When asked to spill about the first time she had ever engaged in oral sex, friend and reader, "L", confessed:
"I felt like I was taking a important exam, one that was a huge part of my grade -- and I hadn’t studied the material yet. Where do I put my hands? What do I do with my lips?  Is it possible for my teeth to just take a vacation for 10 minutes or so!? I still remember un fastening his belt, pulling down his dark jeans, and tugging on his briefs. There was no going back now I realized, I only wish I had thrown a pillow on the floor first for my knees. There I was, face to face with his penis, more nervous then a prostitute at Sunday service. 
 At first I started sucking delicately, minding my teeth. But as he got more excited, he grabbed the back of my head and thrusted so deep that my nose collided with his stomach. My eyes started to tear up a bit, and I was thankful for the waterproof mascara I had applied that morning. I continued to suck it gently, moving at the pace his strong hands dictated. Before I could even get the hang of it- his knee jerked ferociously and my mouth was on the receiving end of a white liquid more salty then the ocean. Unsure of what to do with the weird taste in my mouth, I quickly swallowed, and an ‘ICK, WHAT THE FUCK’ escaped my lips before I could stop it. He looked at me, giggled, pushed my hair out of my face, and left. It was over.  
Since this experience I’ve gotten much more practice and even come accustomed to the  funny taste of un born children. With experience comes technique, comfortability, and confidence.  Plus, have you ever heard a guy turn down a blow job? I sure haven't. Now if only we could get them to return the favor more often, but that is a whole ‘nother post."



  1. sexy pictures, does she suck dick for free?

  2. haha
    great post.
    did she write this or did you?

  3. if its my gf or a girl I've known for a while and the tension has finally reached it's breaking point that is goin' down on me then i'd be 100% willing to return the favor. i mean come on, what guy doesn't love a little roast beef, tastes good, smells good and trust me, the more you make her cum the more adventurous and kinky sex you're going to get to have. but i'm not about to do that with some random girl.