pants party pt. 2

Cunnilingus, eating out, giving head, going down... Oral sex (on a female), no matter what you call it, should be a regular part of any intimate relationship. Why you ask? Because its awesome, it feels good, and it won't get you ( the lady) pregnant. But its all about the give and take. I've heard too many of my female friends complain about how their partners refuse to "go down" on them! Come on, guys! Its not often that a girl will completely turn down a guy when he wants oral, but what is it about a vagina that so many guys are afraid of? This mystical and scary female zone is totally worthy of some (lots) of attention.So I've broken it down to a few reasons why a guy might be turned off by the idea of giving oral to his lady.

1) Fear of not doing it right. I've heard from so many boys (notice...boys) that the only time they will go down on a girl is if they are drunk. This is craziness. For one, drunken sex can be totally fun but its also less meaningful and COORDINATED! You won't magically become good at giving oral after taking a few shots, trust me. Lapping and licking uncontrollably is unattractive and painfully unpleasurable. So, how do we resolve this? There is no step by step manual on how to give good head (well, there might be but that doesn't mean it will work), but if you are really interested in the desires of your partner then you should get to know their likes and dislikes. Ask her what she wants, what feels good, and how she wants it. Faster or slower?  Fingers or no fingers? Communication is key. This will solve your problem. Don't be scared! She will be so impressed!

---if you really need help, take some tips from websites like these, it may help you feel less in the dark.

2) He doesn't like the taste/smell. Ugh, please. If a woman is healthy and practices good hygine then her smell and taste are both totally normal and natural. While it may not taste like cotton candy or smell like freshly cut grass, neither does semen! And I'm pretty sure that not many guys truly enjoy the taste or smell of vodka/gin/whiskey or cheap beer either, but that doesn't put a damper on their willingness to binge drink as if alcohol was going out of style. What it comes down to is, guys who are completely unwilling to (atleast try and) service their ladies are selfish and undeserving of oral sex themselves !

3) He would rather just have sex. While its obvious that regular intercourse can be great, there is something to be said about oral. Females crave intimacy, and by going down on your woman, you're focusing your energy entirely on pleasing much more intimate can you get?  A friend told me that he feels a lot of satisfaction knowing that he's doing what he can to make his lady happy. It always feels good to help those in need, right? Plus, going down on her doesn't need to be the end of things, you could totally use this as a way to "pre-heat the oven!"

And ladies, don't be afraid to tell your guy what you want. Don't let yourself go feeling unfulfilled : )
Chivalry isn't dead, and certainly not in the bedroom.



  1. my first steady boyfriend didn't like going down on me for a little while. he was definitely scared of not doing it right and probably didn't understand the point of it. but of course i wanted it (and it's only fair - i was giving him head all the time!) so i eased him into it by making myself super clean (he first would only do it right after i showered). after only a couple weeks of me asking for it, he all of a sudden started to love eating me out all the time -without me nagging or having to incessantly clean myself. i don't know what switched in him, maybe it was that couple weeks of getting used to my body, but he quickly became an expert and would go down on me for as long as i wanted (usually until i orgasmed.) i think guys are mostly just intimidated by vagina. every girl is built differently and likes different things. but i think with time they can be trained to do it well and certainly enjoy it. it's just getting over those stupid fears... unless they are really only in it for the penetration.

  2. so damn true how ridiculous it is.

    oral sex is such a one way street for people, it's crazy.

  3. Its the only fool proof way to get off for a lot of ladies!~

  4. Couldn't have said it better, P.S. Can't wait for my clogs ;)

  5. keep it clean ladies and i don't think most guy's will have a problem. i'm not saying you have to shave it all the way or anything just keep it fresh, ya know? and don't be afraid to ask for what you want out of the experience. unless the guy's an alpha male he may require a little decisive instruction

    ~a man

  6. Not quite sure who you're talking to regarding the clogs, but... good luck on getting them! lol