Whos got swagger?

Jay-Z does!
Everything about Jay-Z screams confidence, power and sexuality;
from his voice, to his style, to his big-sexy lips... Jay Z is fiiiineee.

Not only is he a musical powerhouse, but he's bagged some of hip-hop's finest ladies such as Foxy Brown, Blu Cantrell, Trina, and as his big pimpin' days come to an end, The Queen of R&B, Beyonce.

I see you, Jay!

And I totally recommend checkin' out Jay's new video 'On To The Next One,' featuring Swizz Beatz.
This track is HOT! Tell me what you think.



  1. Lol wana know something weird? Right before I came to read your blog I watched that video and thought 'omg, wow'

  2. ha! That's awesome.
    Great minds think alike...or something like that! : )