Current obsession-Lace Accents

When it comes to lace I feel like it's really hit or miss: you'll either end up looking really trashy, or absolutely sexy and fabulous. I think I could pull it off without looking tacky, and I'm totally digging black lace right now...especially since I've been trying to re-vamp my wardrobe and buy more ~mature pieces. I recently bought a "little black dress" with lace accents near the collar and I just adore it...!
Also, I've come to realize that I really don't have any sexy bras or undies. Boo, what kind of a girl am I?! Hmm... new goal for myself: buy less alcohol and more sexy, lace undergarments! ; )

1 comment:

  1. i love lace, too! i'm not sure if you've seen me in it yet, but i bought a green long-sleeve with lace all the way down the arms, and on the shoulders and collar. lace is beautifuul.